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Cocktails creations

All our cocktails are made with love by our team of bartenders using homemade syrups and fresh fruit.

Prices in € including VAT


Fruity and spicy. Served long.

White rum Clément Blue cane 2021, Amaretto, Pineapple syrup infused with lemongrass, Bondamanjak pepper, Lemon



Unctuous and gently spicy. Served long.

Old rum Clément Canne bleue 2021, Soursop syrup with spices (nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves), Fresh pineapple juice, Lemon


Neige d’été

Sweet and spicy. Served in a cup.

White rum Clément Canne bleue 2021, Shrubb JM, Red wine syrup with spices, Lemon, Vanilla milk foam



Tart, refreshing, spicy, on a note of ginger. Served medium-long in a mule glass.

Alcohol of your choice, Lemon, Ginger syrup, Ginger Beer.


Old Fashion

Strong and bitter. Served short on the rock.

Bourbon, Sugar, Angostura


Le Flamboyant

Fruity and refreshing. Served medium-long in a mule glass.

Clément White Rum Blue Cane 2021, Campari, Grapefruit Sherbet with Cinnamon, Maracuja Syrup, Lemon


Porn Star

Refreshing, sparkling and tangy.

Served in a coupette with a short drink.

Vodka, Lemon, Maracuja Syrup,

Served with a shot of champagne


Spritz "by Le Cloud"

Refreshing, sparkling, with a hint of bitterness. Served in a balloon glass.

Champagne, Campari



Bitter with notes of orange pulp and vermouth. Served short on the rock.

Gin, Vermouth, Campari.


Quand elle fait l’Étoile

Refreshing with notes of peppermint. Served short in a coupette.

White rum Clément Canne bleue 2021, Cognac Gauthier VS, Vanilla syrup, White pepper, Star anise, Lemon, Fresh mint leaf.

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